Silver Award - Mindfield Film Festival • Albuquerque 2023

Finalist Canadian Cinematography Awards (CaCA) 2023

Finalist Bright International Film Festival London 2023

Selection Portuguese Lemur International Film Festival 2024

Winner Indie Cine Tube Awards Season-10 (July-October 2023)

Winner David Film Festival 2023

Semi-finalist Nashville Independent Filmmakers Festival (USA) October 2023

Semi-finalist Austin International Art Festival (USA) November 2023


Out of The Can International Film Festival - Official Selection 2024

Here you can download a press kit:

"I'm Martha, Colombian" PRESS KIT ENGLISH

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"I'm Martha, Colombian" PRESS KIT ENGLISH

reviews and comments

 "I like the stillness and the rapport you have.  It's stuck with me. Distinctive. Personal." Vincent Ward (Film director, screenwriter, artist)

Vincent Ward's website

"A truly remarkable film! ... the film is so touching, even others can not escape it. By the way, I was always convinced that 'Martha' is something very special, not just a movie. You grow so naturally with her, you are part of the environment. The key is the time you spend with her. You get the feeling after a while that your gaze is not directed by the camera, but rather that you yourself are directing the gaze here and there. That's part of what makes it special, that you as the writer, cameraman and editor make all the decisions about where and what, but in the end as a viewer you have the feeling that you've walked the path yourself. With the film you have achieved something very special and unique. Congratulations to you from the bottom of my heart, there is so much in this film!"  Alexei Stolyarov (colleague and friend)

"I am especially pleased that your commitment to humanity and mutual cultural understanding is being noticed and appreciated. I find this commitment to all of us important and rare in this day and age." Claudia Knappert

"I finally watched 'Martha', great job, you really get immersed in this life ... a smart girl." Nania Rabelarenas

"Hi Frank, congratulations and thank you for sending Nanja the link to your hit movie 'I'm Martha, Colombian'. We enjoyed the film in its facets. A very successful work. Thank you!!! " Klaus Heine

'Martha' is a very beautiful movie. (Peter Bacon, proofreader of the English subtitles for "I'm Martha, Colombian")

"I’ve just finished 'I am Martha‘ film and absolutely loved it. She is just so compelling - a beautiful person. Thanks for sharing it with me. It was wonderful." Meena